The Art of Google Maps Domination: An Agency Assassin Walkthrough

The Art of Google Maps Domination: An Agency Assassin Walkthrough

Eean Ovens is the founder and CEO of Agency Assassin, a powerful software solution for local SEO agencies. Eean has extensive experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and a deep understanding of tactics like click-through rate (CTR) campaigns.

After struggling with the limitations of other CTR tools on the market, Eean decided to create his own software – Agency Assassin. This tool provides specialized capabilities for running CTR campaigns on Google Maps, allowing agencies to improve their clients’ rankings and visibility in local search results.

Over the past few years, Agency Assassin has become a premier platform for agencies focused on local SEO and maps rankings. The software handles the complexities of running successful CTR campaigns and provides detailed reporting on rankings and other key metrics.

Agency Assassin is a game-changing tool that harnesses the power of click-through rate (CTR) to revolutionize SEO. The importance of CTR in modern SEO, showcase real-world case studies that demonstrate Agency Assassin’s effectiveness, and discuss pricing options for agencies looking to boost their local search performance.

Overview of Agency Assassin

Agency Assassin is an SEO software focused specifically on Google Maps and local SEO. Developed by Eean Ovens, Agency Assassin provides tools to help agencies and businesses improve their local search rankings by driving highly targeted click-through-rate (CTR) traffic to Google My Business listings.

The software offers an intuitive campaign builder to make it easy to set up and automate CTR traffic campaigns targeting geographic keywords and local search results. Campaigns can be optimized by adjusting settings to control click volume, keyword targeting, device targeting, and more.

Agency Assassin handles all the technical aspects of running successful CTR campaigns while avoiding common pitfalls that can trigger red flags for Google. This includes distributing clicks intelligently across target keywords, randomizing click patterns, and leveraging residential and mobile clicks to mimic real user behavior.

By driving strategically optimized CTR traffic to Google My Business listings, Agency Assassin aims to improve local pack rankings, map placements, and overall visibility for the targeted business. The software provides campaign performance tracking and ranking reports to monitor results.

Background on CTR

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics for measuring engagement and optimizing search engine rankings. CTR measures the percentage of users who click on a link after seeing it in search results. A high CTR signals to search engines like Google that a page is relevant, useful, and provides a good user experience.

Some key points about CTR:

CTR is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions – the number of times a link is shown. So if a link gets 100 clicks after being shown 1000 times, the CTR is 10%.

Google uses CTR as one of the top ranking factors. Pages with higher CTRs tend to rank higher in search results.

CTR provides insight into user behavior and interests. If users are frequently clicking on a link, it indicates they find the landing page relevant and useful for that search query.

CTR can be improved by optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, content, and overall user experience on the landing page.

Tracking CTR over time is important to measure impact of changes and identify opportunities for improvement.

In summary, CTR is a vital metric for SEO because it reflects the experience real users have when interacting with your content. By monitoring and optimizing CTR, sites can improve their search rankings and provide more value to searchers.

Importance of CTR for SEO

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO because it signals engagement to Google. When a website or listing has a high CTR for a keyword, it tells Google that content is highly relevant, useful and satisfying for searchers.

Google wants to provide the best user experience and satisfy search intent. So if Site A ranks #1 for a term but has a low CTR, while Site B ranks #3 but has a much higher CTR, Google may shift the rankings so Site B moves up. This is because the high CTR indicates that Site B better fulfills the searcher’s intent for that keyword.

CTR is a validation metric for Google. It helps them determine if their algorithmic rankings and results are actually providing a good user experience. High CTR on a page or listing signifies that their algorithm and UX is working well for that search query.

Conversely, a low CTR indicates a poor user experience. Even if a site ranks well, a low CTR means searchers are not engaging with the content. So Google will interpret that as a sign to adjust the rankings and try serving up a different result that hopefully leads to a better experience and higher engagement.

This makes CTR one of the clearest signals that Google has into user behavior and satisfaction. So it is a highly influential factor for organic rankings in attempts to provide the optimal results for searchers. The better the experience as measured by CTR, the higher the rankings.

Challenges with CTR Campaigns

Running effective CTR campaigns can be tricky. There are a few key challenges to balance:

Volume vs Relevancy – It’s tempting to just blast a ton of clicks to try to skyrocket rankings fast. However, Google is wise to unnaturally high volumes that don’t match the expected search volume and relevancy for a term. Too many low relevancy clicks will get flagged as suspicious. The key is to engineer a natural looking click volume across high to low relevancy searches.
Sudden changes in volume – If you rapidly increase volume over a short period, Google may suspect manipulation. It’s generally safer to ramp up volume more gradually over time.
Sources and distribution – Clicks need to come from varied sources and IP addresses that look natural, not bot traffic from the same server. The traffic also needs to show a natural distribution, with higher volumes coming from higher ranking results as expected.
Consistency – Running successful campaigns over time without getting caught is challenging. Google is constantly working to detect invalid traffic patterns. Maintaining consistency and adapting to stay ahead of Google’s changes takes expertise.

The key is running CTR campaigns that are large enough to have an impact but remain within realistic volumes across keywords and blend in like normal user traffic. This is where tools like Agency Assassin can help automate and optimize campaigns while staying under the radar.

Agency Assassin Solutions for Optimizing CTR Campaigns

Agency Assassin provides several key features to help optimize CTR campaigns and make them look natural to Google:

Automated campaign builder: The software includes an automated campaign builder to set up and manage campaigns at scale across multiple locations and keywords. This saves time compared to manual setup and helps maintain campaign consistency.
Mobile and desktop clicks: Campaigns can include a mix of mobile and desktop clicks to mimic natural user behavior. The platform makes it easy to configure the click mix.
Click scheduling: Clicks can be scheduled throughout the day and week to match typical traffic patterns for the target business type. This ensures clicks don’t suspiciously arrive all at once.
Branded and related clicks: Campaigns can incorporate branded and related keyword clicks at higher positions to provide cover for other target clicks at lower positions. The software simplifies including these important branded/related clicks.
Comprehensive reporting: Detailed campaign reports provide insight into how clicks are performing over time. This allows optimizing campaigns to improve results and avoid triggering Google’s filters.
Guide and support: The platform includes guides on optimizing campaigns plus one-on-one support to help new users ramp up successfully. This helps avoid beginner mistakes.

The combination of automation, customization options, and guidance makes Agency Assassin a powerful tool for executing CTR campaigns that deliver results without getting flagged by Google.

Expanding into SERP Ranking

One exciting development Eean shared is that Agency Assassin is expanding beyond just Google Maps ranking into also helping improve SERP ranking. Right now they are in the late stages of developing a new SERP product that will likely launch around November 2022.

This will allow Agency Assassin to help businesses rank higher not just in the local pack, but also for broader search queries on The SERP product is expected to open up a much larger market for them beyond just local SEO agencies.

Eean mentioned they may attract ecommerce players, Amazon resellers, and others in the affiliate marketing space who care deeply about ranking on the first page of Google search results. The ability to run automated, managed ranking campaigns through Agency Assassin should be highly appealing to these digital marketers.

Some key upcoming features for the new SERP capabilities include:

Splitting search signals between ProList on mobile and traditional Google search on desktop
Sending segmented traffic to both ProList and regular Google search
Launching a full UI for managing ranking campaigns
Automated campaign creation for keywords

It will be exciting to see this new product launch and open up ranking to the capabilities Agency Assassin has already pioneered on Google Maps. With this expansion, they are poised to dominate search ranking automation even further.

Case studies

Agency Assassin has a proven track record of running successful CTR campaigns. Here are some examples of campaigns that achieved impressive results:

A roofing company in Denver went from ranking #10 to #3 for “Denver roofer” in just 30 days using one CTR campaign sending 10 clicks per day. This resulted in a coveted map pack ranking that dramatically increased leads and revenue.
Another established Denver roofing company already ranking #4 was able to jump to #1 for multiple high-value terms by adding just 10 additional daily clicks to their existing traffic. The strategic use of CTR cemented their dominance in the market.
For a client not initially ranking for their core service term, a CTR campaign was optimized by focusing on high relevancy branded and geo-modified searches. Increasing visibility for these related terms provided the lift needed to rank the target keyword in the top 10.
Misspelled and less competitive keyword variations can backfire by attracting unnaturally high volumes. Monitoring and optimizing search distribution is key to creating natural patterns.
Existing trust and review signals greatly complement CTR efforts. The highest performing campaigns incorporate a diverse mix of positive ranking factors.

The strategic use of CTR as part of a comprehensive strategy can produce dramatic improvements in rankings and revenue. When executed properly, Agency Assassin has the data and expertise to make any campaign successful.

Agency Assassin offers competitive and flexible pricing to meet the needs of different agencies and businesses. There are three main pricing tiers:


The Starter tier is an affordable entry point to try out Agency Assassin. It includes:

5 campaigns
Up to 100 conversion events per day
Mobile and desktop traffic
Ranking and traffic reporting
Access to software guides

This is a great option for small agencies or local businesses wanting to test CTR campaigns on a budget.


The mid-tier Professional package has more features:
15 campaigns
Up to 300 conversion events per day
Landing page and call tracking
Multi-location reporting
Advanced conversion pixel

With increased campaigns, events, and tracking capabilities, Professional caters to agencies managing multiple clients.


For high-volume users, the Enterprise tier offers the full power of Agency Assassin:

Unlimited campaigns
Unlimited conversion events
Multi-user logins
API access
Custom reporting

Large agencies with big client rosters can scale CTR campaigns without limits. Customization options make Enterprise a flexible solution.

The tiered pricing allows scaling from small trials up to unlimited high-volume use cases. With discounts for annual plans, Agency Assassin is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Agency Assassin Helps You Rank To The Top

Agency Assassin provides powerful solutions for CTR campaigns in Google Maps. With innovative features like Surf Ranking coming soon, Eean and his team are expanding into SERP rankings as well.

The software aims to be reliable and easy to use for agencies, with starter packages available for running targeted campaigns. As shown through the case studies, CTR can have a significant impact when used properly. However, it does require an understanding of how to structure natural looking traffic patterns.

With the discount code provided, now is a great time to give Agency Assassin a try. The team provides excellent support to help new users get started and see results from their campaigns. Be sure to check out the guide and videos for tips on setting up effective CTR workflows.

Whether just starting out or an experienced agency, CTR should be part of your SEO toolkit. Eean and Agency Assassin have put together an impressive platform to make it more accessible.