The Agency Assassin Reveals His Top Secret Tactics for Google Maps Domination

The Agency Assassin Reveals His Top Secret Tactics for Google Maps Domination

Eean Ovens’ Agency Assassin software automates Google Maps CTR for top GMB rankings. Get a lifetime discount for a limited time.

Craig Campbell, a prominent figure in the SEO community, recently sat down with Eean Ovens, founder of Agency Assassin, for an insightful interview. Eean Ovens is an experienced SEO expert who has focused heavily on Google Maps optimization over the past several years.

In this interview, Craig and Eean dive into a deep discussion around strategies for dominating Google My Business (GMB) rankings. They cover an array of topics related to Eean’s Google Maps domination tool, Agency Assassin, including a live demo of the software, examples of successful campaigns, key factors in ranking highly, and future roadmap items.

The purpose of this interview is to provide an inside look at Eean’s approach and tooling related to conquering local pack rankings. Given Craig and Eean’s depth of knowledge in the SEO space, this interview offers a wealth of tactical advice and recommendations for businesses looking to improve their visibility and leads from Google My Business listings.

Eean Ovens’ Background

Eean Ovens has an impressive background in SEO, with experience focused on Google Maps optimization. He first began his foray into SEO back in 2008, learning the ropes of overall search engine optimization.

By 2016, he had become an early adopter and specialist in Google Maps optimization, recognizing the importance of ranking well on the local pack. During this time, he founded his own successful SEO agency focused primarily on local SEO.

After building up his agency’s services, Eean eventually handed over the day-to-day to his business partner in 2020. This allowed him to devote his full attention to his newest venture, Agency Assassin.

Agency Assassin is a software company Eean created focused specifically on providing automated Google Maps click-through-rate (CTR) services. Through Agency Assassin, Eean is able to use his extensive expertise with Google Maps ranking strategies to help other agencies improve their clients’ visibility and leads.

Overview of Agency Assassin

Agency Assassin is a SaaS tool that fully automates and manages Google Maps click-through rate (CTR) optimization. It handles many of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of running successful Google Maps campaigns at scale.

The tool manages proxies, identities, scheduling, and reporting so users don’t have to worry about any of the technical backend work. Agency Assassin campaigns are simple to set up, requiring just 5 minutes of initial configuration. After setup, the campaigns run automatically with no need for ongoing maintenance.

This hands-off automation makes Agency Assassin ideal for agencies and SEOs managing Google Maps optimization for multiple clients and locations. The tool campaigns can be configured once and then left to continually generate clicks, impressions, and improved local pack rankings over time.

Demo of Agency Assassin

To set up a campaign, you first enter the business name and address which automatically populates the business location on a map. You can then configure settings like the search radius, conversion rate, and whether you want to track website clicks, phone calls, or driving directions.

The next step is adding in the target keywords you want to rank for. Ovens grabs a list of likely search terms by prompting the AI to generate keywords related to the business type and location.

Once you have your keywords, the last step is pasting in the Google Maps listing ID which is used for tracking driving directions. The software will then automatically find local landmarks to use for generating driving directions to the business.

With the campaign configured, Agency Assassin handles the automated interactions to build rankings. You can view reporting dashboards that show search term rankings over time in a grid view. This allows you to see the before and after for search terms and track the impact of the software.

The dashboard also includes competitor rankings so you can evaluate your performance compared to other local businesses. Overall, the software offers a hands-off solution where you can set up a campaign in just a few minutes and then let it run automatically.

Agency Assassin Campaign Results

Eean shared some examples of Agency Assassin campaigns that had impressive ranking increases over time. One campaign was for a Google Maps listing that had gotten suspended and couldn’t be reinstated. On the first day the new listing was present, it ranked in the 30s and wasn’t getting any leads. After running the Agency Assassin campaign of just CTR for 90 days, it rose significantly in the rankings and was on page 1.

Another impressive example was for a marketing services business. The strategy for this listing focused on a combination of Agency Assassin CTR plus a large amount of on-page content targeting the Knowledge Graph entities. Over a 2 month period, 100 high quality articles were added to the site. Although these were essentially orphaned, low authority pages, they targeted relevant Knowledge Graph entities. Combined with the automated CTR from Agency Assassin, this business saw dramatic improvements, ranking for their major keywords in the top 3 within 2 months.

These examples demonstrate how consistent automated CTR from Agency Assassin, especially when combined with optimization like Knowledge Graph targeting, can lead to impressive Google Maps ranking increases over time. The hands-off, managed CTR service can help listings rise up the competitive rankings even in major metro areas when used strategically over several months.

Completely Managed Service

Eean emphasized that Agency Assassin is a completely hands-off service for users after the initial setup. Users simply need to input their business data and keywords to configure a campaign. After that, Agency Assassin manages everything behind the scenes automatically.

The software handles maintaining campaigns, proxies, and identities without any additional work required by users. Eean noted this is a huge benefit for agencies in particular. It removes the stress of having to constantly monitor and troubleshoot campaigns.

Once a campaign is up and running, users can sit back while Agency Assassin does the work to improve their Google Maps rankings over time. Many of Eean’s happiest clients are those who want a completely hands-off solution. They are able to just check back on reporting as the software runs campaigns automatically for them.

Getting Top Google Maps Rankings

According to Eean Ovens, the most important ranking factors for getting top spots in Google Maps currently are Knowledge Graph entity signaling, engagement, CTR, and reviews. Most marketers who are excelling at local SEO focus on optimizing and improving these key elements.

Additionally, some services incorporate manual driving directions requests as an extra signal to help push listings to the very top spots in competitive metro areas. Companies like Holly Starks use actual devices to send extended driving directions requests, which helps reinforce legitimacy and authority in Google’s eyes. While manual driving directions work isn’t always necessary, it can give an extra bump when aiming for the highly coveted #1 position, especially against established competitors.

Overall, Eean emphasized that truly optimized GMB profiles that have strong on-page optimization, accurate Knowledge Graph data, lots of engagement from CTR and other signals, and a steady stream of fresh reviews tend to dominate the top rankings in Google Maps. While the space is certainly becoming more competitive over time, businesses that master these core elements of local SEO through ethical white hat practices stand the best chance of securing those coveted rankings.

Future Agency Assassin Features

Agency Assassin is continually improving and developing new features to help users get the most out of Google My Business optimization. Some of the key features in development include:

Competitive Analysis Tool

Eean mentioned he has a competitive analysis tool for Google Maps that has been in development for over a year. This tool will allow for large-scale audits of competitors in a given market, analyzing their categories, reviews, and other data points. While the tool is functional, Eean noted they still need to build a more polished user interface before release. This comprehensive competitive analysis capability could provide excellent insight when optimizing a Google My Business listing.

Expanding Geo-Localized Proxies

Another likely future improvement is expanding Agency Assassin’s geo-localized proxy network. Currently, they don’t have proxies in every state which still enables optimization nationally. However, Eean predicts Google may start discounting metrics without more precise location data. To stay ahead of these changes, Agency Assassin is looking at aggressively expanding proxies by state to strengthen localization signals. More comprehensive proxy coverage could help maintain effectiveness even as Google gets stricter about manipulating metrics.

Contacting Eean Ovens

Eean Ovens is very approachable and happy to offer free consultations to anyone looking to improve their Google Maps rankings. The best way to contact him is to email or schedule a meeting via his Calendly link at

Eean encourages anyone to reach out, whether you’re interested in Agency Assassin or just want help with your own Google Maps strategies. He’s eager to share what’s working for him and provide strategic advice tailored to your business. During a free consultation, Eean can analyze your current efforts and make recommendations on how to climb the Google Maps rankings.

With his extensive experience successfully ranking local businesses, Eean is the perfect expert to turn to if you want to better understand and tackle Google Maps. Take advantage of his generosity and schedule a free call.