Google My Business Vs Organic Listings

Google My Business Vs Organic Listings

If you run a business, you have likely  searched for your company’s name or keywords on search engines like Google or Bing numerous times. Do you know that there are two main types of listing —local Google My Business listings vs traditional organic listings? 

What’s the Difference between Google My Business and Organic Listings?

The simple answer is that Google My Business (GMB ) listings are tied to a user’s geographic location, whereas organic listings are Google’s “trusted authoritative” listings that can be found from anywhere nationwide. 


Google’’s spiders “crawl” your website and index the pages of your website Then based on users search queries displayed your web pages in the search results organically. That is, if you are doing Good SEO 

Here is an example of search results for organic listings using the search term “mold restoration atlanta “

Google returned these results because its “bots” thought they were the most relevant to my search query.


The other form of SEO listings are Google My Business Listings. These come in forms of the Google map listings that appear in search results based on your geographic location. Here we searched the same term “mold restoration Atlanta” to show you the local listings that appear on Google Maps. These are your GMB or Google My Business Listings.

How Important Are Local Listings vs. Organic Listings?

If you’re a retail  e-commerce company that can sell to any location through your website, your local listings probably don’t matter much to you. You’re more concerned about branding and to popularize your brand across the country rather than marketing to people locally.

However, if you’re a local service based company that offers Ac repair, Landscaping, electric or plumbing etc, you want people in your area to find you locally on maps. 

This is where Agency Assassin and local SEO becomes important. In order to increase the likelihood of your business appearing locally you need many factors of SEO to become prominent locally. Agency Assassin is one tool that can assist in your local rankings by driving your CTR.